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Colour is more fun than black, but multicolour is even better. Let me introduce Urlop, a wide type family suitable for your fancy posters, headlines, covers, illustrations, websites, initials, blackmails, chronicles, signboards, poems and many others. Twelve basic styles, which make the overall construction, give a wide range of opportunities. All of them are able to mix with each other. Then comes a range of colour fonts, so you don’t have to waste any of your precious time for experiments, because I’ve already done it for you! URLOP is an all-caps display collection consisting of two sub-families of fonts, divided by the usage they are designed for. First of all, there is a wide range of alphabets made in the new OpenType-SVG colour fonts format. This is quite a novelty and a very promising technology at the same time. It allows designers to store colour information inside the font. Due to my experience with layered colour thinking, I decided to make several preset layer combinations in this auspicious format. This sub-group is tagged RGB. However, if you feel a need to experiment in the old-fashioned way, you may buy separate layers under the DIY tag. Have fun!