Kasper Straube


Kasper Straube was the first printer in Poland. He came to Wawel via Saxony from Bavaria. His name is known from the books of the Krakow city council, including the records of the alimony trial, which he undertook to pay Marta from Czarna Wieś. From the years 1473–1477, four of his prints have survived: the calendar / wall almanac (a unique item kept in the Jagiellonian Library) and three books: Explanatio in Psalterium by Jan of Turrecremata, Opus restitutionum by Franciszek Pleteanus and Opuscula st Augustine. All the above-mentioned Latin prints are set in a single typeface with a size of 20 lines = 115 mm. About Straube and his printing house in: Old Polish Printers from the 15th to the 18th Century, vol. 1, Małopolska, part 1, XV – XVI century. Ossolineum 1983.