Maciej Wirzbięta


Maciej Wirzbięta, (1523–1605), a Krakow printer, publisher of Mikołaj Rej's works. From 1555/1557, he ran a publishing house linked with the Reformation camp in his own house at Sławkowska Street. Among the authors of the publishing house were, among others, Jan Kochanowski (Chess, 1564 and others) and Łukasz Górnicki (Polish court, 1566). Wirzbięta also cast metal types within the printing house. He had fifteen sets of typefaces: six each in Gothic and Roman, as well as Hebrew and Greek. The letters were often supplemented with characters used in Polish, German or Hungarian. The range of fonts was complemented by chorale and mensural notes as well as rich ornamental material. About Maciej Wirzbięta and his printing house in the portfolios of the IX-XI series of Polonia typographica saeculi sedecimi. A collection of images of the printing stock of Polish pressing plants of the 16th century. Ossolineum 1974–1981.