Patryk Gmerek


Patryk Gmerek – born in 1998 in Częstochowa, Poland. Currently student of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, at the Faculty of Graphic and Media Art. Working as a graphic designer at the Odra Studio from Wrocław. Letters and typography have always accompanied him, he is fascinated by tags and graffiti on walls as well as the style of comics and super-hero animations. He started his first attempts to design typefaces during the first year of studies in Graphics, and from the third semester he has been creating new typefaces on an ongoing basis, which results in 3 families with new ones under construction and even more projects planned for the coming months and years. Designing typefaces is not the only passion and work as he deals with design graphics on a daily basis, where he creates visual identification, branding and numerous posters where typography plays a large role as a carrier of content, but also as an element that builds tension inside the composition.   The greatest typographic love are sans-serif typefaces, with a strong drawing, which have an expressive character in display use, but also in their lighter versions work great as a readable text columns.