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Ares is a crisp all-caps display typeface, suitable for sci-fi logos and titles. Its angular, top-heavy letters hang from the cap-height rather than simply sit on the baseline, giving off a futuristic, cyberpunk vibe.  The typeface consists of six subfamilies available in 10 weights, as well as as two variable fonts of three axes: weight, tracking, and custom mid-height axis.  The mid-height axis affects the typeface's waistline, including crossbars, and divides the fonts into three subfamilies: Ares Lo, Ares, and Ares Hi. These three families are solid-stroked, and the other three families are their stencil-stylized counterparts: Ares Broken Hi, Ares Broken, and Ares Broken Lo.  The tracking axis is only available in the variable versions, and proportionally affects the kerning, thus helping set the type more tightly without effort.  Ares supports a wide range of Latin-based orthographies, including not only European, but also Vietnamese as well as major African languages like Hausa, Fula or Ewe.

Styles: 10