DMCA Sans Serif 9.0-20252

Designer unknown


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DMCA Sans Serif is intended as a general purpose sans serif font. It is suitable as a replacement of any font (except for documents that rely on metrics of a font) due to how smooth it reads. It is not suitable for terminal or command prompt environments, because it's not a bitmap font; Custom Font or Custom Font ttf is recommended instead for that purpose. It is metric-compatible with Microsoft Consolas. As of version 8.1, DMCA Sans Serif contains 1193 characters. This includes Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts. It contains all the characters of WGL4, MES-2, SECS and W1G while also covering the basic IPA. However, as of version 9.0, DMCA Sans Serif contains 3309 characters. This contains not only Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian and Georgian, but also Arabic, Hebrew, Thai and Japanese.