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MERCATO is a headline family of typefaces inspired by hand-painted price tags. The idea for this family was born a few years ago in South America. I wanted to create a typeface that is written, expressive and organic on the one hand, and thrown into a geometric frame on the other. In 2021, in an old specimen, I found a beautiful thick display lettering called Chrysler, which became the starting point for the project. There are a lot of irregularities in MERCATO, the line of writing resonates vividly - but despite this, the whole is created in accordance with drafting principles, thanks to which the whole is fully interpolated. Work on MERCATO lasted about 3 years - thanks to which it is refined to the smallest detail and explores what is between brush scripts and classic geometric typefaces. The whole family will be used wherever dynamic and warm forms are needed - it will work well in logos, posters and headlines. MERCATO is available as a classic family of 5 variants and as a variable font.

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