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PODIUM Sharp is Extended version of DUDU typeface designed in 2012. After many years I’ve decided to rebuild and develop this typeface by adding new masters and weights. Finally PODIUM Sharp consist of 234 styles: from ultra compressed hairline to extra expanded heavy. Main purpose of this project was idea to make hybrid between different modular and geometric woodtypes that I found in old polish specimens: Rex, Blok, Bacarat etc. Thanks to big range of different styles, PODIUM will be perfect choice for visual identities, posters and display usage. For better comfort of using PODIUM I’ve prepared new idea of styles naming based on Frutigres’s Universe and Climbing evaluation. First digit means width and the second weights of style. (So for example style 1.1 is ultra compressed hairline, 6.5 is something like regular and 9.13 is ultra expanded heavy. 

Styles: 234

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