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POLIGRA is an experimental typefamily and a homage to traditional printing of the pre-war era in Poland. Most of the typefaces based on traditional printing are either clean, geometric typefaces or completely distressed lettering. The POLIGRA project explored everything in between. The letters, cleaned up, redesigned where necessary, and defined in their entirety, have a friendly and warm character, as if taken out of the press. The selection of typefaces was based on theater and sports posters digitized on the POLONA.PL website. All of them have blocky and geometric character, each of them is an all-caps typeface. The POLIGRA family includes 13 typefaces. Designers: Mateusz Machalski, Małgorzata Bartosik, Karol Mularczyk

Styles: 13

Other typefaces of these designers:

Małgorzata Bartosik:

Mateusz Machalski: