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Whassup y’all! Me and my bros got this li’l gang together: we is Ringo, and we got da bling, yo! We is da typeface family for ya all! We got some real sweet stuff for ya, some nice characters. We got all ’em OpenType features like fractions and proportional figgers, we even got da cubic root, man! And check out da question mark, man, is real sweet. And the ampersand, yeah! I luv ’em ampersands. Now my brothers over here got some light action for ya, and they got some real bold action for ya. We got some nice foxy curves goin’ on, some nice tension, and some nice relaxation. My bro Light over here is kind of like the subtle guy, ya know. He’s in for the female fans, ya know. Heh! Hell, yeah! And man, we speak like 84 languages: we speak the German, and the French, and the Spanish, and we speak the Polish, and the Czech, and the Hungarian, and we even speak Shambala and Swahili and Rundi, and we got some Esperanto thing as well for ya. And check out my bro Black right over here, he’s like the action superhero, man! He’s got impact, man! Yeah yeah, but you know, my bros Regular and Bold are the real deal. Them is like da word of da street, man! Like da word of you, and you. And we got a message for y’all: life is hard, life is real, but you should work your mojo, be smooth, be nice, chill. We got all them kerning pairs, and all them weights, and we got ’em alternate letters. So check us out, yo! (Łukasz Dziedzic designed this typeface family for a Polish bank. A few years later, he released it commercially under the name Ringo.)

Styles: 4