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FF Good, designed by Warsaw-based Łukasz Dziedzic, is a straight-sided sans serif in the American Gothic tradition popularized in the contemporary user interface design (Roboto in Android, San Francisco in Apple devices). Despite having something of an “old-fashioned” heritage, FF Good feels new. Many customers agree: the sturdy, legible forms of FF Good have been put to good use in the Polish-language magazine ‘Komputer Świat,’ the German and Russian edition of the celebrity tabloid OK!, and the new corporate design for the Associated Press.  Although initially released as a family of modest size, the typeface was fully overhauled in 2010, increasing it from nine styles to 30 styles, with an additional 30-style sibling for larger sizes, FF Good Headline. In 2014, the type system underwent additional expansion to become FontFont’s largest family ever with an incredible 196 total styles. This includes seven weights ranging from Light to Ultra, and an astonishing seven widths from Compressed to Extended for both FF Good and FF Good Headline, all with companion italics and small caps in both roman and italic. With its subtle weight and width graduation, it is the perfect companion for interface, editorial, and web designers. This allows the typographer to pick the style best suited to their layout.  As a contemporary competitor to classic American Gothic style typefaces—like Franklin Gothic, News Gothic, or Trade Gothic—it was necessary that an expanded FF Good also offers customers both Text and Display versions. The base FF Good fonts are mastered for text use, while FF Good Headline aims for maximum compactness. Its low cap height together with trimmed ascenders and descenders give punch to headlines and larger-sized copy in publications such as newspapers, magazines, and blogs.  There is even more good news about FF Good: it has something of a serif companion. Łukasz Dziedzic built FF Good to work together with FF More, creating in a powerhouse superfamily that is versatile in both its function and aesthetic.

Styles: 196