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Komunikat FA is an experimental and geometrical typeface based on simple elements: a circle, it's parts and straight lines. The typeface communicate the spirit of future, dynamism and modernity.   Komunikat FA design was based on the sketch of unique lettering from 1932 made by Władysław Strzemiński, Polish vanguard abstract painter, an artist and a typographer. Strzemiński claimed that modern economic letter forms should be standardized and based on lines and arches. He wrote that readability is a matter of habit and after a practice the new letter forms would be very well readable for everyone.   In 2004, based on the artist's conceptual drawing, Fontarte studio designed a typeface called Komunikat FA containing a full set of characters, including numerals, punctuation marks and diactrics. Komunikat FA font set has three weights: Regular, Bold and Black.  

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