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This vernacular typeface called the ”bar cut” was inspired by the Warsaw lettering of the 1980s. The direct inspiration was inscriptions (drinks, coffee, tea, pork knuckle) placed on the windows of the Warsaw café ”Jaś i Małgosia”. The typeface of Golonka FA (Pork Knuckle) was prepared especially for Artur Frankowski's lecture ”Typespotting. Letters in the urban space of Warsaw” in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, where the author presented various aspects of typography in the urban landscape, such as: the urban information system, ”alternative” typography, designs of advertising neon signs and inscriptions on architecture. It was supposed to illustrate the thesis that typespotting can be a design tool allowing to transfer the urban typographic heritage into new forms of design expression. In the same year an additional variation Golonka Lux FA was created, which was used in identity and objects presented at Fontarte exhibition at the Bęc Zmiana Foundation.

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